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The Music Lending Libraries of the Northern and Southern Provinces can be found HERE.

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Copyright Guidelines for Congregations and Agencies of the Moravian Church in America

Moravian Music 101 — long form  – this can be presented to a class, civic group, or just read for your own enjoyment! Music examples can be included from one of our “sampler” CD’s or any recordings of Moravian music you have at hand.

Moravian Music 101 – short form – designed for a “moment for mission” in your congregation.

Moravian Music Worship Resource Manual — a useful tool for music planning during the church year

Moravian Music Sunday Materials for 2014

Collection Catalogs

Please visit our Research page to find out more information about doing scholarly research with these fine collections at the Moravian Music Foundation.

Published Moravian Vocal Music: A Catalog (August 2002 edition)

This catalog provides listing for Moravian vocal music published in the twentieth century in America. For each entry the following information is included: Composer name and dates; English title; German title; year of publication; publisher’s catalog number; suggestions for use; voice parts; instrumental parts; editor; in-print status; source of text; translator; and comments.

Band Book Lists

Full lists of the tunes in both the GREEN and BLUE band books: by Tune Name and by Hymn Title . These lists also include which key the tune is in, and what page the tune appears in the blue 1995 Moravian Book of Worship, as well as the older Red and Black editions of the Moravian hymnal. Many thanks to Jill Bruckart for these lists!

Moravian Music Foundation Newsletters

Newsletter Submissions

You can submit concert information, short articles, and job postings to be placed in our printed quarterly newsletter. Submission deadlines are:

  • December 1 for the Winter issue to be mailed in January
  • March 1 for the Spring issue to be mailed in April
  • June 1 for the Summer issue to be mailed in July
  • September 1 for the Fall issue to be mailed in October

Submissions will be approved by the Moravian Music Foundation Director and may be edited. Any changes will be returned for final approval.

Odes, Orders of Service, ect.

General Lovefeast Outline
Resources for the 550th Anniversary of the Moravian Church can be found HERE.
Singstunde: The Lord’s Prayer
Singstunde: Celebrating the Essentials of the Moravian Faith

Moravian Music Foundation Annual Reports

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